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  • Use at temperatures as low as -10°C
  • Easy to use: does not require dilution
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Not toxic to aquatic organisms or animals
  • Safe for personnel with no health risks
  • Not carcinogenic
  • Not an inhalation or aspiration hazard
  • Not flammable

  • Plants without easy access to a water source
  • Projects where portability is required
  • Rubber tire rollers
  • Truck boxes
  • At truck spray stands
  • Hot Boxes
  • Paving tools
  • Other asphalt vehicles
  • For all types of asphalt mixes, including polymers

Other Information

About CanSlip Late Season

A ready-to-use biodegradable asphalt release agent for your cold weather projects that does not require any dilution, making it easy and convenient to transport to all project sites. Effective with all asphalt mixes, including polymers, at preventing pick-up on rubber tire rollers and preventing build-up in truck boxes, in hot boxes, and on paving tools.

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