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About Us

A bit about our history

Ecologically Responsible

Not only are our products biodegradeable, we use 80% recycled or natural materials to do our part to reduce waste. Barrels and totes are also returned and reused to reduce landfill waste and maintain a neater workplace for you.

Extreme Service

We support our customers and superior products with Extreme Service. This means that we can be reached from 7AM to 7PM to help you with your product questions and requests.

Family Owned & Operated

We value our customers. You can trust that we will offer friendly, helpful, and fast service and delivery of our products.


We are continuously seeking to improve our processes and products to provide you with the highest quality products and experience.

Our Beginnings

Multisolv Inc. is a Canadian company with manufacturing facilities in West Toronto. Under the direction of Dr. Roger Cook (PhD Chemistry), the company developed a line of biodegradable industrial solvents and release agents. Multisolv products have very low volatility, excellent lubricating properties, are non-toxic, and rapidly biodegradable.

Our First Product

The Company's first product "CAN SLIP 2000" is a ready to use asphalt release agent, it was followed by a self emulsifying concentrate in 2004. These products were developed to meet current environmental standards, and to satisfy industry's growing demand for biodegradable alternatives to replace current petroleum based release agents.

Our Future

To meet the continuously growing needs of our customers we have become a distributor for Basalt fibres for asphalt reinforcement. We are also improving the formulation of our asphalt release agents. The new formulation that boasts improved lubricity and lower cloud point will be available this year.