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Asphalt Release Agents

The Benefits of CanSlip ARAs

CanSlip Asphalt Release Agents

Biodegradable ARAs

CanSlip asphalt release agents are made from recycled vegetable oil (not take from the food chain). They are economical, and have better release properties than diesel, yet conform to the highest environmental requirements. Our ARAs can be used on all asphalt mixes, including polymer modified mixes.

All MultiSolv products are non-toxic and rapidly biodegradable, with no penetrating odour, and low volatility.

Good for all asphalt mixes

Effective at preventing asphalt build-up and pick-up for all asphalt mixes, including polymers, without affecting the asphalt quality.

Less aggressive to rubber tires

Less aggressive to rubber tires since it can also easily be cleaned up by rinsing it off with water at the end of the day.

Saves Time

Saves time since it is a white emulsion drivers can see coverage and not reapply unnecessarily.


Safe for workers and the environment since products are non-toxic, non-flammable, and have low volatility with no penetrating odour.

Made Locally

Made in Ontario, ensuring rapid delivery, reponsive technical support, and lower freight costs.

Rapidly Biodegradable

All products conform to the highest environmental requirements and are rapidly biodegradable.

Products Available

A ready-to-use asphalt release agent for the summer months that does not require dilution.

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A concentrated asphalt release agent that can be diluted depending on your project needs.

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A ready-to-use apshalt release agent for cold weather projects and Hot Boxes.

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CanSlip 2020

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Specially designed for polymer modified ACs.

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