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Bitumen Coated Fibres

  • Prevents cracking of asphalt
  • Reduces rutting by making the asphalt resistant to impact and bumps caused by heavy traffic
  • Resistant to temperature extremes
  • Resistant to alkalis and acids
  • Completetly natural: made from rock
  • Does not need to be separated out when recycling asphalt or concrete

  • Asphalt Road Reinforcement
  • Asphalt Construction Applications
  • Uncoated: Industrial Flooring
  • Uncoated: Precast Concrete Products and Concrete Furniture
  • Uncoated: Shotcrete Applications

Other Information

About the Fibres

Basalt Bitumen Coated Fibres are especially designed for dispersion in the asphalt mix. The Bitumen coating ensures good adhesion to the mixture to enhance the mechanical properties of your project. Like all Basalt products, these fibres are naturally resistant to alkalis and acids, as well as extreme temperatures. These fibres will help reduce crack affinity and rutting, increasing project longevity. These fibres are 18 mm in length since this is the length that has shown to be the most effective in improving asphalt performance. These fibres are also available uncoated for concrete applications - please ask us for more information.

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