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Wiking® Basalt Fibres

The Benefits of Basalt

Basalt Fibre Production

Made of 100% crushed basalt

Basalt fibres are made of 100% crushed basalt, a type of volcanic rock, found in many parts of the world. The fibres are produced by melting the rock at 1600C. It is then spun and extruded into fine fibres which are cut to the desired length. Basalt is naturally resistant to external influences (such as alkalis, acids, extreme temperatures, water, and rust), making it ideal for the extreme weather conditions in our Canadian climate. Extend the life of your project by using Basalt fibres, geogrid, and rebar.

Extending Project Duration

Extend the life of asphalt and concrete projects

Basalt fibres can prevent the formation of plastic shrinkage cracks, as the fibres will cause the tensile strength to develop early in the drying/hardening phase. Basalt fibres will also cause an increase in the elasticity, making concrete and asphalt more resistant to impacts and bumps, for example those caused by heavy traffic.

Safe for the Environment

Dispose of the basalt with the asphalt and concrete!

Basalt fibres are completely natural as they are made of crushed magmatic rock, which is found all around the Earth. This means that they are easy to dispose of. As an example, when a building is demolished, steel fibres and steel mesh need to be separated from concrete for disposal, whereas basalt can be disposed together with concrete.

Stronger than Steel - light as a feather

Four times the strength of steel at a quarter of the weight

Basalt is much stronger than steel and also 75% lighter than steel (in terms of density). This means that a smaller volume of basalt fibres is needed in comparison to using steel fibres. Due to the exceptional strength of basalt, the fibres may allow for thinner and lighter concrete decks and panels. Depending on the construction, basalt fibres may even replace the need for steel mesh and steel bars. Hence, using Wiking® Super B may bring large cost savings to a construction project.

Products Available

Uncoated Chopped Fibre

Easy to incorporate chopped Basalt fibres that reduce crack affinity in asphalt and concrete.

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Bitumen Coated Fibres

Bitumen coated Basalt fibres that are easy to incorporate into asphalt to reduce cracking and rutting.

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Basalt fibre mesh with an elongation coefficient of 1.5%, ideal for road, soil, and slope reinforcement.

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Steel alternative for concrete reinforcement with 4 times higher tensile strength than steel rebar.

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