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  • Prevents cracking of asphalt and concrete
  • Reduces rutting by making the asphalt resistant to impact and bumps caused by heavy traffic
  • Resistant to temperature extremes
  • Non-corrosive: resistant to alkalis and acids
  • Low elongation coefficient (not more that 1.5%)
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Completetly natural: made from rock
  • Does not need to be separated out when recycling asphalt or concrete

  • Construction and rehabilitation of asphalt or concrete roads
  • Industrial floors
  • Reinforce soil and slopes to prevent erosion
  • Reduction in the thickness of the concrete element

Other Information

About the Geogrid

The Geogrid is a Basalt fibre mesh designed for high mechanical strength and outstanding adhesion to asphalt and concrete. The Geogrid is an ecological reinforcement material with an elongation coefficient of 1.5%. Since the Geogrid is made from volcanic stones, it is non-hazardous and can easily be recycled. The Geogrid comes in a variety of mesh sizes to meet your project needs.

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