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Basalt Rebar

  • Resistant to temperature extremes
  • Four times the strength of steel at a quarter of the weight
  • Non-corrosive: resistant to alkalis and acids
  • Non-residual: rolled Basalt rebars are 500-800 m long, resulting in zero residuals when fixing rebars together
  • Reduced concrete cost: the Basalt rebar has a thermal expansion coefficient similar to concrete which means the thickness of the concrete elements can be reduced
  • Light weight: 10 times less mass per longitudinal meter of rebar allows for a significant reduction in the use of vehicles and cranes
  • Completetly natural: made from rock does not need to be separated out when recycling the concrete

  • Bridges, buildings, and tunnels
  • Industrial floors
  • Precast concrete
  • Chemical plants
  • Wastewater tanks and cisterns
  • Hospital walls - especially those for imaging rooms
  • Bank protection elements

Other Information

About the Basalt Rebars

Basalt fibres reinforced rebar is a unique product for concrete reinforcement. Basalt rebar has a tensile strength 4 times higher than steel, and is a quarter of the weight of steel. The Basalt rebar has been especially created for better adhesion in concrete - reaching 16MPa bond stress. As the Basalt is non-corrosive, there is no need for an additional protective layer of concrete, reducing the concrete usage and making lighter weight construction elements. To meet all of your project needs, the rebars are available with diameters of 4 mm to 16 mm, and custom bends can be ordered.

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